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I believe that women should feel beautiful in their daily lives, my goal is to bring fun clothing to women of all shapes and sizes. I truly believe that every story has a style, which is what led me to start my own store. 

My name is Megan, known to some of you as SkinnyMeg from my blog. I have lost over 100 pounds, had two children, and grown to love the community of women I participate with on a daily basis. Through my blog I have gained so much enrichment in my daily life, I love to help other's on their own weight loss journey. One thing has always remained consistent no matter my size, my love of clothing. The right outfit has the power to change my mood at any given moment, dressy or casual, I look forward to finding that right dress or top each and every day, well except Sundays, which are reserved for a cute T-shirt and a messy bun!

On my last birthday I had a look at my life ahead, my heart desired to follow my dreams, and with the support of my husband and family I opened Ollie Marie. I'm so excited to share it with all of you!


Please always feel free to reach out to me for anything -




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